What Loft Is A 9 Wood?

9 wood clubs typically have a loft close to 26 degrees while 3 or 4 hybrids typically have a loft of more like 28 degrees.

What is a 9 wood equivalent to?

As a rough rule of thumb, a 5 wood would replace a 2 iron, a 7 wood the 3 or 4 iron, a 9 wood the 5 iron.

What club would a 9 wood replace?

The nine wood is a great choice to replace a 4 iron or 4 hybrid. It has a larger head than a hybrid which for some golfers, it will give them more convenience at the address position. With about 26 degrees of loft, it provides more loft than a 7 wood, which typically has only about 22 degrees of loft.

What hybrid is equivalent to a 9 wood?

A 9 wood is a good replacement for the 4 iron and 4 hybrid golf clubs. When looking at a 9 wood, you’ll notice that it is designed with a larger head than that of the hybrid. This larger sized head makes hitting the ball much easier for beginners.

Does Cobra Golf make a 9 wood?

The new straight neck, hyper steel King Cobra SZ Fairway Metals line is available from a Strong 3-wood through 9-wood in six different lofts: 13.0 (3+), 15.5 (3), 16.5 (4+), 18.0 (5), 21.0 (7) and 24.0 (9) degrees. All feature the Aldila HM-60 (60g) graphite shaft.

What club is 26 degree loft?

4 iron = 26 (180-210 yards) 5 iron = 28 degrees (160 to 190 yards) 6 iron = 31 degrees (140 to 180 yards) 7 iron = 34 degrees (130 to 170 yards)

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Does anyone carry a 9 wood?

You will find that most seasoned players actually do not carry a 9 wood with them. The 9 wood and 5 hybrid can both work well for all golfer and while 5 hybrids can be incredibly versatile for all players, if you are player that hits their woods quite well, there is no reason not to carry the trusty 9 wood.

What is a Callaway heavenwood equivalent to?

A Heavenwood is a golf hybrid specially designed by Callaway in 2004 like a fairway wood but meant to play similar to an iron. Many amateurs and even some low-handicappers have trouble hitting the lesser numbered and lower lofted irons. It is easy to hook, pull, slice, and not make solid contact.

What is a 7 wood equivalent to?

The 7 wood is equivalent to the 2 iron that has a loft of 21 degrees. The 7 wood, however, has a longer length than a 21-degree hybrid. The 7 wood has a longer shaft resulting in it having a longer length than the other hybrid and iron clubs. The 7 wood is also equivalent to the 3-iron golf club.

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