What Company Is Loft?

Ascena also owns Lane Bryant and Catherines clothing store brands, and is the parent company of Ann Inc., operator of Ann Taylor and Loft stores.

Ascena Retail Group.

Type Private
Subsidiaries Ann Taylor Cacique Catherines Lane Bryant Lou Grey LOFT Justice
Website ascenaretail.com


What is the difference between Ann Taylor and LOFT?

LOFT Outlets carry a more youthful look and more casual styles, while the Ann Taylor Factory stores cater more to professionals. Both divisions sell suits, separates, dresses, shoes, and accessories designed for professional women.

Did Talbots buy loft?

The owner of Talbots and Hot Topic has agreed to purchase Ann Taylor, Loft and Lane Bryant. Ann Taylor, Loft, Lane Bryant and Lou & Grey now have a new owner.

Is loft out of business?

76 Ann Taylor, LOFT, and Lou & Grey stores are closing after parent company Ascena filed for bankruptcy — here’s the list. On Thursday, Ascena Retail Group filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy and announced plans to close approximately 1,100 stores.

Where is loft clothing made?

Loft is a sub-brand of chain clothing retailer Ann Taylor that was launched in 1996 and offers upper market casual styles for men and women. Their clothes are primarily manufactured in China, with other locations including India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Vietnam and related countries.

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What age group does Ann Taylor Loft target?

Ann Taylor has a specific target market of affluent female buyers in the age group of 25-50 years, which justifies its small presence (in terms of stores) in the U.S.

Is Talbots in trouble as a retailer?

Talbots. Women’s clothing store Talbots is among apparel retailers at risk. The company is facing sector challenges, as many consumers have turned away from malls amid the pandemic. Talbots doesn’t have much cash on hand, and it’s debt is coming due soon, analysts said.

Who is buying Ann Taylor?

Sycamore Partners has agreed to pay $540 million to buy Ann Taylor, Lane Bryant and other store brands from Ascena Retail Group Inc., the brands’ bankrupt parent company said Thursday.

Who is the owner of Talbots?

Acquired about 25 years later by General Mills, Talbots became a public company in 1993 and is now owned by Sycamore Partners, a private equity firm.

Is loft a company?

About Us | THE LOFT CO.,LTD. LOFT is a leading Japanese household goods specialty store operating 117 branches nationwide today (as of March 31, 2019). Our origins date back to 1987 with the opening of the LOFT Annex of Seibu Shibuya. At the time, household goods specialty store was a new, unique concept in Japan.

Why are Ann Taylor stores closing?

Ann Taylor, Loft, Lou & Grey store closings: These locations will shutter as part of Ascena bankruptcy. According to the bankruptcy filing, 30 of Loft’s 666 stores and outlets will close along with 38 of Ann Taylor’s 291 locations. Eight of the smaller Lou & Grey brand also will shutter.

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Is Loft considered fast fashion?

Loft is not quite in the fast-fashion category, although if you wait a few weeks, that $98 dress will be on sale, just as soon as a new dress gets shipped in; it operates on a highly promotional basis.

Is Loft ethically sourced?

LOFT is owned by Ascena Retail Group. Its environment rating is ‘not good enough’. It uses some eco-friendly materials including recycled materials. There is no evidence it reduces its carbon and other greenhouse gas emissions.

Where are Ann Taylor clothes manufactured?

Ann taylor, is an american company manufacturing fashionable women’s clothing and accessories. Ann taylor products are manufactured in over 20 countries, around 30% is made in China, 14% in Hong Kong, 12% in the Phillippines, 6% in south korea. The brand reports to employ around 8000 people in bangladesh.

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