Readers ask: What Is The Loft Of A Ping G15 U Wedge?

Ping G15 Wedge Specifications

Club Loft Lie
9 40° 63.75°
PW 45° 64°
UW 50° 64°
SW 54° 64.25°


What degree loft is a ping U wedge?

Lofts on U wedges will be right around the 50-degree mark. Years ago, the traditional gap wedge would have been about 52 degrees, but since then, the degrees of loft on golf clubs have changed quite a bit. The loft of the Ping U Wedge in the G425 series is 49.5 degrees.

What does the U stand for on a Ping wedge?

Some manufacturers also label this with an “A” to mark is an attack wedge, but others simply mark it as a “U” for utility wedge. In short, the utility wedge is just another name given by the manufacturer PING, in particular, to a gap wedge.

How far should I hit a 60 degree wedge?

How Far Should You Hit A 60 Degree Wedge? On average, golfers hit their 60-degree wedge 74 yards, but the range can vary between 60 and 100 yards. Longer hitters who take a full swing will typically be close to the 100-yard range but most golfers only take a 1/2 or 3/4 swing with their 60 degrees.

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What is 54 degree wedge used for?

What Is A 54 Degree Wedge Used For? A 54-degree wedge is considered a sand wedge and is used around the green and out of bunkers. A 54-degree wedge is ideal for golfers who have a 58-degree lob wedge and another wedge close to 50 degrees.

Are Ping G15 irons forgiving?

The big feature of the G15 line has to be the forgiveness. They are said to be one of the most forgiving iron they have made. That addition weight used for swingweighting in the hosel will balance out that toe weight for one of the straightest easiest hitting irons on the market. Feel is classic cast Ping.

What year did Ping G2 irons come out?

Even though the G2 irons were released in 2003, they still compete with some of the modern irons on the market.

What does u stand for on a golf club?

The Karsten Manufacturing Company, maker of the Ping brand of golf clubs, favored the use of “U” for ” utility wedge “, but currently only uses this label on wedges sold in matched sets; most individual Ping wedges are currently labelled with their angle.

What degree is an all wedge?

“Your standard A-wedge or gap wedge loft will fall around the 50 to 52-degree range. Looking at specific TaylorMade irons sets, the P770 A-wedge loft is 51°, P790 A-wedge is 50°, and the 2017 M2 A-wedge loft is 49°.”

Is Ping G15 good?

The PING G15 irons are ideal for anyone looking for top-quality game-improving irons that will aid their progression. The large heads produce a penetrating flight, particularly compared with many game-improvement irons, which tend to hit the ball very high, but lose distance.

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Are Ping G25 irons good for beginners?

The Ping G25 Iron makes the game enjoyable for both beginner and average golf players. This iron is very significant for all handicappers, especially for low handicappers. All the features like reduced offset, progressive sole width, thinner pole work together to improve its performance.

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