Readers ask: What Is Marrisa Fit And Julie Fit At Loft?

The Marissa is a pretty universal fit and works for someone that has an equal hip-to-waist ratio. The Julie works on somebody that’s a little bit more curvy, and the Zoe is for someone who’s very straight up and down.

What is the Julie fit at Loft?

JULIE GALS: Ladies that are a little curvy tend to love the Julie pants. Julie pants are great for the ladies that often complain of pants that fit in the waist and are too tight through the hips, or for those that say they have go up a size up to accommodate their hips, which usually makes the waist too large.

What is the difference between loft modern and curvy fit?

The Curvy cut (Curvy flare or Curvy skinny) has a little bit more room for hips and “da booty”. The Modern cut is narrower in the hips, so if you are hip-less, or simply smaller in that area, go for the Modern cut. The sizes are pretty accurate, but do be aware that they stretch out slightly.

How do loft jeans fit?

LOFT Denim Jean Styles & Fit. There are so many styles, silhouettes and washes to choose from at LOFT. This should then fit more like your denim size in the waist, but bring the hem up a bit.

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What is Marisa fit?

MARISA. A slightly straighter. cut from waist to hip. SHOP ALL MARISA. FIND YOUR PERFECT FIT▾

What happened to loft Marisa fit?

Your favorite fit has not been discontinued. We recently renamed all of our pants, and what was formerly known as ‘Marisa’ is now our Modern Fit. We offer a variety of options in this style, available here:

What is the difference between curvy fit and regular fit?

Q: What are the measurement differences for curvy jeans? A: Most women’s jeans use a 10” hip vs. waist measurement, but curvy is designed with a 13” difference for more room at the thigh and hips. For example, if your hips measure 41” and your waist measures 28”, you have a 13” hip vs.

What does curvy fit?

Their curvy fit is engineered for an hourglass figure with a narrower contoured waistband to avoid gapping, a longer rise for a rounder booty and extra room in the hips and thighs.

How do you know if you need curvy jeans?

Curvy is about shape. A general rule of thumb? If your hip is more than 10 inches wider than your waist, try curvy fit jeans. If you’ve had to size up for jeans to fit your hips, only to have them gap in the waist, you should try curvy fit jeans.

Is LOFT sizing true to size?

What size do I wear at Loft? Loft tops fit larger and wider, with boxier cuts, than other retailers on this list. For most T-shirts, shirts, sweaters, and blouses, order a size down from your typical size. Loft shorts are sometimes smaller or true to size.

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What are Riviera pants?

These Riviera pants are the perfect dress pants for traveling or anytime you want to look great and wrinkle free. These Riviera travelers tailored flat-front pants in a seasonless, wrinkle-resistant wool-blend feature a special stretch waistband and a touch of lycra for all-day comfort.

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