Quick Answer: What Is The Loft On A Ping G5 Sand Wedge?

Ping G5 Wedge Specifications

Club Loft Lie
PW 46.00° 64.38°
UW 50.00° 64.38°
SW 54.00° 64.70°
LW 58.00° 65.11°


What is the loft of a Ping sand wedge?

Sand Wedge – 54° Lob Wedge – 58°

What is a Ping G5?

The Ping G5 driver is a modified version of the Ping G2 driver which we thought was one of the best value for money drivers around. The stock PING TFC100D shaft is an impressive standard shaft but you can customise further with an Aldila NV 65 and Grafalloy ProLaunch 65 also available.

Are Ping G5 irons still good?

The Ping G5 irons won TG’s game-improvement irons test last year, and nothing has changed: they are as good as ever, competing against more expensive models on an equal footing.

What is the loft of a 9 iron?

9 Iron loft The loft of a 9 iron is 41-43 degrees.

How far should you hit a 60 degree wedge?

You will want to hit your 60 degree wedge between 75 and 90 yards to score well. If you are hitting it over 100 yards you are swinging too hard.

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What loft should my irons be?

In the longer irons a three-iron usually comes in at around 20 degrees, a four-iron at roughly 25 degrees and a five-iron at 29 degrees of loft. A six-iron is typically 31 degrees, a seven iron is usually around 34 degree and then the eight and nine-irons often come with 37 and 41 degrees of loft respectively.

What LOFT is a 5 wood?

For example, standard 5-woods are about 19 degrees. Comparing that to an 18-degree hybrid would be a fair test. While the 5-wood has one more degree of loft, it should also be slightly longer, making the distance potential of the two clubs about the same.

What loft is approach wedge?

Gap wedge – The gap wedge, often referred to as the approach wedge, or the A wedge, has a loft of 51° to 53 degrees.

What year is Ping G5?

Ping released the G5 driver in 2005. It is a titanium, 460cc club head.

What year are the Ping G5 irons?

2005: Features – Ping’s evolution brings ‘cool’ G5 line.

How old are Ping G5 clubs?

The G5 irons are available in 2 through 9, plus PW, UW, SW and LW. Ping’s color coding system for custom fitting is used with this set, as well. MSRP is $115 per club with steel shafts, or $145 per club with graphite shafts. Shipments begin September 1, 2005.

What does the dot mean on Ping irons?

Ping color dots indicate the different angles of the club head. The dots do not indicate a particular style of club, as any line of irons is available in every color, but instead represent the angle of the club heads to the standard shaft angle.

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