Question: What Is The Standard Loft Of The P790?


LOFT 19.0° 45.0°
LIE 60.5° 64°
OFFSET 3.9mm 1.8mm
STEEL LENGTH 38.75″ 35.5″


What handicap should play P790?

Back in 2017, the P790 was launched as a players’ distance iron (an option for five to 12 handicappers), but it was so popular it found its way into the bags of everyone from +4 to 24 handicappers.

What loft is the P790 2 iron?

The new P790 UDI will be available only as a right-handed 2-iron with 17-degree of loft, and it shares many of the distance-enhancing attributes designed into the standard P790 irons.

What degree is a P790 pitching wedge?

What degree loft is the TaylorMade pitching wedge? The pitching wedge loft for the P790 is 45.0 while the loft for the p790 TI is 43.5 degrees.

What degree is a P790 a wedge?

What is the loft of an A-wedge? “Your standard A-wedge or gap wedge loft will fall around the 50 to 52-degree range. Looking at specific TaylorMade irons sets, the P770 A-wedge loft is 51°, P790 A-wedge is 50°, and the 2017 M2 A-wedge loft is 49°.”

Are TaylorMade P770 blades?

TaylorMade P770 irons are made for highly-skilled ball strikers. Players who like the smaller size and workable shape of a blade but also appreciate built-in distance and some added forgiveness will gravitate toward the P770 design.

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Are TaylorMade P790 irons good for beginners?

The TaylorMade P790 Irons are irons that will work for beginners, mid handicappers and with the right shaft, they will work for low handicappers as well.

Are P790 forged?

The P790 is a forged blade that retains many of the features found in TaylorMade’s Tour Preferred MB irons – including sole camber, offset flow, sole radius and hosel length – while improving its performance through more efficient shaping and weight distribution.

Are P790 hard to hit?

The P790s are surprisingly easy to hit. We don’t know whether it’s because we were used to trying extra hard with blade style clubs and were expecting the worst. The hollow face and speed foam really do work as well as they claim to, and we felt that most shots came off with a great degree of consistency and accuracy.

Do P790 go further?

The lower spin rate and the faster ball speeds both contributed to the increase in distance that I saw from the P790 over the M1. I’ll be honest and say that for me the P790 probably goes too far, but for the vast majority of golfers this iron will be a great option.

Does TaylorMade make 1 iron?

The Rebirth of the One Iron For those of you who either can’t read a spec sheet or just happened to gloss over it, take note that TaylorMade is offering a 1-iron option in the UDI. Now with a 16° UDI, TaylorMade has given the 1-iron new life.

What does TaylorMade Udi stand for?

The company today unveiled its UDI (as in ” Ultimate Driving Iron “), a day after Justin Rose completed his second victory in as many weeks with the 2-iron version of the new club in his bag. UDI is a hollow iron design that features a thin Carpenter 455 steel face for more ballspeed potential.

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