Question: How To Get More Loft On My Iron Shots?

Try these two ways to add loft:

  1. Set your clubface so it’s pointing slightly right of your target at address.
  2. Picture your hands above the ball’s position, not pushed forward, at impact.
  3. Keep your body turning through the shot.
  4. Swing your hands high to the finish (right).

Can you adjust loft on Irons?

You can easily bend the lofts and lies to be progressively consistent from one club to the next with zero tolerance. You can also bend the angles to a consistent specification precisely fit for any golfer.

How can I increase my golf shot height?

The old swing tip, “down means up,” suggests that you should try to hit down on the ball for more height. That might work if you have speed, but for most golfers, down means down. In other words, line drives that don’t hold the green. To boost trajectory, you need a higher launch and more backspin.

Why am I not hitting my irons as far?

One reason you might not be hitting the ball very far is that you have too high of a spin rate with your driver and irons. An easy way to spot this is watching how high your shots go in the air. Golf shots that get hit with high back spin rates tend to climb higher into the air.

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Why am I not getting distance on my irons?

Why am I losing distance with my irons? The number one reason players lose distance with their irons is that they’re not compressing the golf ball. This is done by hitting down on the golf ball and letting the natural loft of the club get the ball into the air rather than trying to pick it off the turf.

How much does 1 degree of loft affect distance?

The distance difference between clubs is created equally by the increments in club length and loft angle. The calculations here are based on 1/2″ club length difference = 5 yards distance difference and every 4° loft angle difference = 5 yards distance difference.

Does changing loft affect bounce?

As you can see changing the loft angle will directly affect the bounce angle because it is part of the head design configuration. So if you bend the club head to have more loft by 2 degrees, you will be changing the angle the sole makes with the ground by the same amount, i.e. two degrees more.

Why can’t I get height on my golf shots?

In order to get height on your golf shot, you need to understand the physics of the golf swing. For example, when hitting with a mid-level iron such as a 6 or 7 iron, know that if you swing down on the ball it will fly high. If you want to hit high with your driver you need to tee it up sufficiently high.

Why are my irons so short?

Practice your alignment, ball position, posture and balance with the help of a professional instructor. Poor fundamentals can cause short shots. Failing to complete your follow through or not properly shifting your weight during the swing also can cause iron shots to fall short.

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