Often asked: What Is The Miller Lite Loft Soldier Field?

About The Miller Lite Midway The Miller Lite Midway is a climate-controlled space at Soldier Field offering the amenities of a modern, upscale sports bar. Located on the west side mezzanine level behind sections 136 and 138, The Miller Lite Midway is open before, during and after Bears home games.

What are the best seats at Soldier Field?

Stick with the first 10 rows for a better all around experience as you’ll be closer to the lower entry tunnels and have good proximity to the field. Among the seats you will want avoid when searching for a ticket with a good view are the upper rows of the 400 level seats along the west sideline (sections 427-447).

Why do they call it Soldier Field?

Soldier Field was designed in 1919 and opened on October 9, 1924, as Municipal Grant Park Stadium. The name was changed to Soldier Field on November 11, 1925, as a memorial to U.S. soldiers who had died in combat. Soldier Field was used as a site for many sporting events and exhibitions.

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What is grandstand seating Soldier Field?

Grandstand is located above the Upper Sideline on the highest level and offer distant views of the game from the sidelines. They are found in Sections 427 to 447. The 100s sections typically begin with row 1 and end with row 19.

Is Soldier Field heated?

By adding the heating system, Soldier Field is taking after several other NFL stadiums in cold-weather climates, including Lambeau Field in Green Bay. The heating system was installed 9 inches deep underneath the root zone using more than 40 miles of 3/4-inch tubing.

What is media deck at Soldier Field?

The Media Deck is the smallest seating area at Soldier Field and is on the 2nd level on the west side of the stadium. It consists of sections 228-246 and most sections will have 9-12 rows of seats. It’s called the “Media Deck” because this is where the coaches and media booths are.

Who owns Soldier Field in Chicago Illinois?

Soldier Field, which is owned by the Chicago Park District, holds 61,500 fans, the smallest capacity in the NFL.

Can you walk to Soldier Field?

over a year ago. You can walk to Soldier Field down Lake Shore Drive from Millennium Park if you like. It’s a beautiful walk and about a mile. The train tracks run parallel to Michigan and Lake Shore Drive.

What is the highest attendance at Soldier Field?

It hosted the first boxing event that drew a gate of over $2.5 million (Dempsey-Tunney, 1927), the first ski meet held in a stadium, and the all-time largest football crowd (123,000). The largest crowd for any event in Soldier Field was 260,000 on Sept. 8, 1954, for the religious Marian Year Tribute.

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What’s wrong with Soldier Field?

Finally, early this century, an agreement was made to renovate Soldier Field, a decision that ultimately pleased no one: The rebuilt stadium was deemed an architectural nightmare — it was delisted as a National Historic Landmark — that still did not solve the team’s problems, namely too few parking lots and garages,

What’s the smallest stadium in the NFL?

The smallest stadium is Soldier Field with a capacity of 61,500.

How long have the Chicago Bears played at Soldier Field?

Soldier Field, formerly called (1924–25) Grant Park Municipal Stadium, stadium in Chicago that was built in 1924 and is one of the oldest arenas in the NFL, home to the the city’s professional gridiron football team, the Bears, since 1971.

Does Soldier Field have a clear bag policy?

For all events at Soldier Field, the NFL All-Clear Bag Policy is in place. One-gallon clear plastic freezer bags (Ziploc bag or similar) Small clutch bags, no larger than 4.5”x6. 5”, with or without a handle or strap, may be carried into the stadium along with one of the clear bag options.

How many suites does Soldier Field have?

Soldier Field’s 133 suites are located on the east side of the stadium.

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