Often asked: What Is The Loft On A Cobra Fly-z 5 Iron?

Specifications: Cobra Fly-Z Iron Set

Model Loft Lie
5 23° 61.5°
6 26.75° 62°
7 30.5° 62.5°
8 35.25° 63°


Are Cobra fly Z Clubs good?

The Cobra Fly Z driver is amazingly stable and consistent through the ball. It is also nice to see a proper 45.5-inch shaft, the Matrix VLCT SP in the Fly-Z. Many manufacturers fit longer shafts in their game-improvement drivers nowadays, which in our opinion, reduce the overall feel and playability.

What year did Cobra fly Z irons come out?

Available February 6, 2015.

Are Cobra fly Z irons forgiving?

The Cobra Fly-Z+ irons are able to fit a wide range of golfers. Lower handicap players will like the feel, looks and forgiveness, while higher handicap golfers will appreciate the distance, forgiveness and ability to improve their game yet not needing to buy new irons.

What year did Cobra fly-Z XL come out?

Available at retail January 23, 2015. The oversized yet traditionally shaped Fly-Z XL Irons are designed to give golfers confidence at address and deliver easy distance through consistently higher trajectories.

When did Cobra fly-Z XL come out?

It was introduced late in the 2014 season, but it is intended to be part of the full line of releases in 2015 from Cobra Golf. Sticking with Cobra Golf’s traditions of producing oversized heads that deliver easy distance and consistently high trajectories, the Fly-Z XL irons are no exception.

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What year did Cobra S9 come out?

January, Cobra launches the 2009 King Cobra S9-1 driver with improved “Hotter 9 Points” Technology and enhanced Frequency Tuning. It’s offered in six Speed Tuned models.

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