Often asked: What Happens When Putter Does Not Have Enough Loft?

If your putter doesn’t have any loft then the putter will press the ball into the turf at impact which can cause skidding and skipping. Both of these things limit feel, hinder distance control and can cause more putts to bounce or skid off-line.

How important is loft on a putter?

Loft is needed on a putter because as the ball rests on the green it pushes down slightly into the grass. The loft is therefore needed to lift the ball up and on to the surface for an end-over-end smooth roll. Too much loft and ball will hop on impact and skid more before rolling out.

How much loft should a putter have?

The standard loft of putters sold in pro shops is 3-degrees to 4-degrees. On the pro tours, the world’s best golfers use putters with as little as one degree of loft to as high as six or seven degrees of loft.

Can you add loft to a putter?

The average loft on a putter ranges from 2 to 4 degrees, but it’s possible you could need more loft if you’re like early-career Lefty and add a significant amount of forward press — leaning the shaft towards the ball at impact — during your stroke.

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How important is putter lie angle?

Lie angle is the angle in which the shaft intersects the head relative to the ground. Most off-the-rack putters come standard at approximately 70 degrees. A poor lie angle at impact will cause the ball to strike low on the blade, nearer to the toe or heel depending on whether the toe or heel is off the ground.

Does Phil Mickelson use a short putter?

Mickelson had been using the Odyssey Stroke Lab Black Ten putter and also the Odyssey Versa #9 for the last few years. Recently, he’s been putting with an Odyssey White Hot XG Blade PM. The Versa #9 is a smaller mallet putter that looks like a hybrid between a mallet and a blade putter.

Should my putter be flat on the ground?

The most efficient and simplest putting stroke is one in which the putter works straight back and straight through on the intended target line. The golfer should then be able to place his hands on the handle of the putter with the head of the putter resting flat on the ground.

What lie should my putter be?

5. Discover the best lie angle. Still, your putter will be the most upright club in your bag, and most putters shipped from the factory have a lie angle around 70 degrees. By comparison, drivers typically have a lie angle between 56 and 60 degrees, and a 7-iron usually will be around 62 degrees.

How many degrees can you bend a putter?

Most putters that are available off the shelf have a lie angle ranging between 70 and 72 degrees. Some manufacturers allow an offset of the lie angle so that it can be increased to 90 degrees. According to Rules of Golf, the minimum offset angle permissible is 10 degrees.

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How many inches should my putter be?

The length of the putter will be directly related to your height. If you are 6 feet or taller, you will need a 35 inch putter, 5’9″ to 6″ suggests a 34 inch putter, while 5’6″ to 5’9″ suggests a 33 inch putter. Customized putter are suggested for those above 6’4″ and shorter than 5’6″.

What length putter does Jordan Spieth use?

The putter Spieth used to hole the deciding putt was a 35-inch Scotty Cameron 009 prototype — a TOUR-only model he has been using since he was 15.

What is loft and lie on a putter?

First, let’s look at loft. Loft affects the launch and spin of your ball. If your putter has too little loft, it could be pressing your ball down into the turf, causing a whole other set of problems. For lie, the proper angle for a golfer is when the putter’s toe and heel sit evenly at impact.

What is loft and lie in golf?

The angle between the imaginary vertical line that we envisioned and the club face is called the “loft”. In that playing position, the angle between the centerline of the club shaft and the floor (between your feet) is called the “lie”.

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