Often asked: How O Get To Travelers Loft Gw2?

In order to reach the Traveler’s Loft, you must enter the Hunter’s Hearth instance near the Great Lodge waypoint.

How do you get into Knut Whitebears loft?

The entrance to Knut Whitebear’s Loft is on the lowest level of the Great Lodge, at the end opposite the entrance. There are two Wolfborn on either side of the door. The entrance is not marked by the usual green star used for story and home instances, but it marked on the map as Stairs Up.

Where is Norn home instance?

The Hunter’s Hearth is an area within Hoelbrak located within the upper levels of The Great Lodge. It is the home instance for norn characters. The entrance to this instance is just to the east of the Great Lodge Waypoint.

How do I get a home instance gw2?

These can be purchased from Vendors, via the Trading Post, through the Gem Store or as a drop from a Black Lion Chest. There are no free nodes to start with. Players can invite others to visit their home instance.

How do I find my home instance in gw2?

It is just the instance that is available in each racial city. You can enter any of them regardless of your race. You can get some nodes unlocked to fill them up at predefined locations and some NPCs from your personal story shows up in there but that is about it. There is nothing you need to do to obtain it.

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Is there housing in Guild Wars 2?

I’ve always considered it a damn shame that Guild Wars 2 doesn’t have proper housing, just home instances that have always seem underdeveloped and cash-shop oriented to me. A while back, one player even wondered aloud whether more deco being added to the game meant housing was inevitable.

Can you buy a house in GW2?

Players can purchase a house in a manner like purchasing a guild hall. Different houses in different INSTANCED areas (to allow everyone to have one). As an added bonus, if Anet decides to implement this they could also make more fancy houses to be an extra gold sink.

Are home nodes worth it GW2?

They’re not worth it if you’re looking to make money off of them. They’re also not a very good source of any of the stuff that you can get from the nodes.

How do I join someones home instance?

By being a member of that party you get access to their home instance. Once the party is formed and invitations are accepted by the party members, then the owner enters the instance; this causes the other party members to get a prompt to enter the instance as well.

What do you do with a broken Caladbolg?

Broken Caladbolg is the shattered remnant of the once powerful Caladbolg. Completing the Heart of Thorns storyline unlocks the ability to repair the weapon by following the instructions from Warden Leide’s letter.

Where is Ninn?

LocationsEdit. Ninn will only appear in the home instance of characters who have completed their first Awakened invasion and received a mail from him.

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How do you make a Caladbolg in GW2?


  1. Complete all Knight of the Thorn story missions with a character.
  2. Craft the Spiritwood Scion and Orb of Natural Essence.
  3. Complete the Heart of Thorns story and all the story steps on a different character.

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