Often asked: How Many Seats In Loft Suites At Us Bank Stadium?

Cabin Suites at U.S. Bank Stadium are located in the northeast corner of the stadium along the visitor’s sideline. Cabin Suites have 32 fixed seats, 9 bar-stools, and 9 SRO’s.

How many seats are in a row at U.S. Bank Stadium?

The row numbers at U.S. Bank Stadium vary by section and location. Sections in the 100 level average 37 rows, and the corners and end-zone sections average 42 rows. The 200 level has an average of 16 rows, and the 300 level has a 5 rows of balcony seating, followed by 18-25 rows of standard seating.

Where are the best seats in U.S. Bank Stadium?

Opt for seats in rows 33 and higher for great viewing height and to also stay within a 10 row walk of the concourse. A big draw for visiting team fans here, especially those who are travelling to Minneapolis for the first time, are the excellent views out to the city skyline.

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What is Vikings premium?

Premium Economy is available to many Viking destinations on international flights with the airlines shown below. Amenities vary by airline and may include the following: Additional legroom, more comfortable seats, and extended seat recline.

How much does the U.S. Bank Stadium seating?

The seating capacity is 66,860 for most games, slightly more than the Metrodome, and can be expanded to 73,000 for soccer, concerts, and special events, such as the Super Bowl.

What is the best row to sit in at a football game?

According to Sports Where I Am users, the consensus best place to sit at NFL games is between the 20 yard lines on either side of the field. Many people used the phrase “about 20 rows up” when referring to the ideal spot.

Is U.S. Bank Stadium good for concerts?

Us bank stadium. We went to a garth brooks concert here, the place is fantastic, best stadium I have ever been to. The layout is great, everything is clearly signed and posted for ease of finding your way around. The staff was excellent, very helpful with any question we had.

Where is the Miller Lite Lounge at U.S. Bank Stadium?

The Vikings have also partnered with Miller Lite and Aramark to create the “Northern Lite” bar on the upper concourse of U.S. Bank Stadium where fans can purchase beer and Bloody Mary’s.

Where is the Verizon gate at U.S. Bank Stadium?

Skyway: North West side of the stadium. Verizon Gate: East side of the stadium; Main Concourse Access.

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What is the Medtronic Club at U.S. Bank Stadium?

The Medtronic Club is touted as the most upscale premium space at U.S. Bank Stadium. The homey space is multi-level and includes a number of televisions, dining tables, fireplaces and private restrooms. Most ticketholders arrive early to comfortably enjoy lunch before heading to their seats for kickoff.

Where are the suites at U.S. Bank Stadium?

Loft suites are located on the sidelines of U.S. Bank Stadium and will include 18 tickets. Loft suites feature multiple HDTVS, 12 high-back stadium seats and 6 bar stools. A food & beverage package (including beer and wine) is included with your suite purchase.

Are club seats good?

Is club level seating good? If your not a person for crowds, than the club level seats are good. If the your the fun filled person for crowds and lots of excitement around you than the lower level seats give you the feeling that you’re a participant of the event, other just watching and enjoying the event.

How much do Minnesota Vikings season tickets cost?

Season Ticket Pricing Information For the 2019 season, the cheapest Vikings season ticket was $620 per seat for a handful of sections in the upper deck, and the most expensive seat was $1,740 for the lower-level sections abutting the 20-yard line. Club seats ranged from $2,150 per seat to $4,200 per seat.

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