FAQ: What Loft Is The 716 Ap1 Gap Wedge?

Golfers will most likely need to use an AP1 “W” wedge (47 degrees) or another specialty wedge to maintain consistent yardage gaps. Who they’re for: They’re designed for golfers looking for maximum distance and forgiveness, but anyone can play the 716 AP1 irons.

Are Titleist 716 AP1 irons good?

BOTTOM LINE: Titleist pulls off a neat trick with 716 AP1, streamlining the head while making it easier to use. Think AP2 with training wheels: perfect for mid-handicappers, or good players looking to take the easy way out. It’s the best AP1 to date — which makes it one of the top irons of the year.

What loft is gap wedge?

The gap wedge (usually around 50 degrees ) provides a vital yardage between those two clubs. Our recommendation is that you endeavor to match the gap wedge to the short irons and pitching wedge in your set because this gap wedge will also likely be a full-swing club.

What is the best wedge gapping?

Best Gap Wedges

  • Cleveland RTX ZipCore Wedge Review. Mizuno T20 Wedge.
  • Mizuno T20 Wedge Review. Callaway Jaws Mack Daddy 5 Wedge.
  • Callaway Jaws MD5 Wedge Review.
  • Titleist Vokey SM8 Wedge Review.
  • Ping Glide 3.0 Wedge Review.
  • TaylorMade Milled Grind 2 Wedge Review.
  • Cleveland CBX 2 Wedge Review.
  • Ping Glide Forged Wedge Review.
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What is the new Titleist AP1?

The Titleist AP1 are multi-material, dual cavity irons that take the design mission of “Advanced Performance You Can Feel” to new heights.

What does AP stand for on Titleist irons?

With many students returning to school, some at the high school level (and their parents) hear a lot about AP classes, ( Advanced Placement classes.) These classes are for the gifted and talented.

Which is better Titleist AP1 or AP2?

The AP1 has a larger overall size, longer blade length, thicker top line and more offset compared to the AP2. The AP1 has a higher MOI and is on average 3° stronger through the set but both have the same stock shaft length.

Are Titleist AP1 irons good for high handicappers?

These irons are great because they are well-suited to players who are new to the sport and have a high handicap. You then need to spend some time out on the course, playing with the Titleist 718 AP1 irons to ensure they’re the perfect fit for you.

Are Titleist AP1 irons good for beginners?

The Ap1 was one of the first irons to really stand out as an option for the higher handicap golfers that want to play with Titleist golf clubs. Ap1 irons are lightweight, easy to launch, and can help even the newest golfer learn what makes a Titleist golf iron better.

Are Titleist AP1 irons forged?

The AP1 irons are Titleist’s most forgiving irons. They have the edge on the AP1 irons in terms of feel and playability. The heads are forged from soft carbon steel, which provides an improved feel, while the dual-cavity design adds a stability that aids shot shaping and control.

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