FAQ: What Loft And Bounce Is A Ping G 30 Sand Wedge?

Ping G30 Wedge Specifications

Club Loft Bounce
PW 45.0º 12º
UW 50.0º 12º
SW 54.0º 13º
LW 58.0º 13º

6 •

What loft is a Ping G sand wedge?

Sand Wedge – 54°

What is Ping G series?

The Ping G Series is a follow-up to the very popular Ping G30 version. Inspired by dragonfly wings and 18 wheelers, the new Ping G series is advancing speed, distance and forgiveness to unprecedented levels, all without sacrificing other performance attributes.

What does bounce and grind mean for wedges?

Vokey grinds help you manipulate bounce more precisely: the high bounce wedge grinds like the D and K grinds offer more forgiveness on your wedge shots, while the low bounce L grind helps you create shots around the green. Wedge bounce and grind improves your consistency and control over your wedge shots.

What is a ping UW wedge?

The Ping U is a gap wedge (also known as a utility wedge), designed and developed by the US based company Ping. Norwegian born Mr Karsten Solheim, was the founder of PING golf clubs which started operations back in 1959. The company has grown to become the #1 golf club manufacturer in the United States.

What replaced Ping G30?

Ping have officially revealed the new G Series range of woods and irons replacing the popular G30 series.

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Are Ping G30 irons forged or cast?

The G30 irons are cast from 17-4 stainless steel and features an undercut cavity and PING’s patented custom tuning port. These two elements help to shift the club’s center of gravity low and back to facilitate a higher launch.

What is Ping G30 LS TEC?

The newest, stoutest club in Ping’s G30 driver series is the G30 LS Tec. It’s best-suited for fast swing-speed players who’d benefit from a stick that produces lower spin rates than the standard G30 while maintaining reasonable levels of forgiveness.

What year is Ping G series?

The Ping G, which debuted in early 2016, will make you look better than you are.

Are Ping G irons forged?

The G irons are cast from 17 -4 stainless steel. Their two-stage construction process takes six hours to complete, Ping says. The special heat treatment process used to make the G’s Hyper 17-4 club faces increases strength by 40 percent, compared to the G30 irons.

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