FAQ: What Is The Loft On A Titelist Ap2 7 Iron?


AP2 Offset Loft
6 Iron .120″ 31°
7 Iron .110″ 35°
8 Iron .100″ 39°
9 Iron .090″ 43°


What handicap are AP2 irons for?

Titleist AP2’s for 15-18 handicappers.

Are Titleist AP2 irons forgiving?

Titleist’s 718 AP2 irons is an upgraded version of the tour-proven consistent AP2 model that delivers ‘pure forged feel’ “For everyone else, it’s the tour iron within reach, because it is so forgiving.”

What degree is the Titleist AP2 wedge?

#8 Iron – 38° #9 Iron – 42° Pitching Wedge – 46° Wedge – 50° – No Longer Available.

What is the new Titleist AP2?

Now Titleist has readdressed the situation with the T Series. The T100 replaces the AP2; the T200 comes in for the AP3 and the T300 replaces the AP1. So now that the range is sequenced correctly, what we really need to find out is how the new models compare with their predecessors.

Are Titleist AP2 still good?

Since late 2008 the Titleist AP2 irons have been my gold standard for judging irons. They offer a perfect blend of compact looks yet have a forgiving cavity back design. They really have been one of the best designed irons over the years. Titleist tweaked the AP2 design in the 718 model to make them even better.

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Are Titleist AP2 considered blades?

AP2 is a blade iron with all the forgiveness of a cavity back.

What year was Titleist AP2?

AP2 ( 2008 ) Advanced performance, multi-material, dual cavity, technical forged irons providing traditional solid feel, looks and shot control for the skilled player.

What type of iron are AP2?

While the AP2 line has been discontinued, it is still considered the gold standard in golf when it comes to Titleist irons. These clubs are tungsten forged, which means that they contain traces of tungsten in addition to the usual stainless steel in the shaft.

Who makes a 46 degree wedge?

THOMAS GOLF Hybrid Pitching Wedge (46 Degree) – Regular Flex – Right Handed – Model AT705 – Utility Rescue Club.

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