FAQ: What Does Heavenwood Loft Mean?

Like all hybrids or utility clubs, the Big Bertha Heavenwood Hybrids are designed to replace hard-to-hit long irons in golf bags. The clubs are numbered 1H (14 degrees of loft), 2H (17 degrees), 3H (20 degrees), 4H (23 degrees) and 5H (26 degrees).

What is a Callaway heavenwood equivalent to?

A Heavenwood is a golf hybrid specially designed by Callaway in 2004 like a fairway wood but meant to play similar to an iron. Many amateurs and even some low-handicappers have trouble hitting the lesser numbered and lower lofted irons. It is easy to hook, pull, slice, and not make solid contact.

What is a heavenwood fairway wood?

The Heavenwood concept was designed for players that have a hard time getting regular fairway woods airborne from off the deck by adding more loft (7 wood loft), yet using a longer playing length to help increase distance over a normal 7 wood (4 wd length).

What loft was the original Callaway heavenwood?

Jeff Newton, Callaway Golf: The original Heavenwood had the loft of a 7 wood (20 deg) and the length of a 4 wood (42.5”) and was one of the earliest examples of Callaway thinking outside the box to deliver a “demonstrably superior and pleasingly different” product.

What does heavenwood mean?

A Heavenwood is a Callaway seven wood that was first released in 2004. The Heavenwood has changed quite a bit through the years and has become known as almost its own club. There is no question that a Heavenwood is an easier club to hit than a four iron. The thing is, Callaway no longer makes the Heavenwood.

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Who makes a heavenwood?

The HeavenWood is part of the Big Bertha series of clubs from Callaway which is one of the most popular set of clubs in golfing history. The use of a 7 wood is rare enough outside of the elder golfer demographics or as a club to play from the rough. This club offers a sweet swing with a light head and graphite shaft.

What club does a Callaway heavenwood replace?

When Callaway Golf debuted the “Heavenwood” monicker, the company applied it to a series of hybrid clubs that were designed to replace 1-irons through 5-irons in golfers’ bags.

How far should a 7 wood go?

7-wood Distance Chart Depending on how far you can hit the ball, a 7-wood can range from 170-230 yards for golfers who are men. Typically for women, it travels between 120-170 yards.

What is a 9 wood equivalent to?

As a rough rule of thumb, a 5 wood would replace a 2 iron, a 7 wood the 3 or 4 iron, a 9 wood the 5 iron.

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