FAQ: What Degree Of Loft On Callaway Solaire 5 Hybrid?

The 5 hybrid in this set offers a 24 degree loft angle and the 6 hybrid features a 29 degree loft angle. What we noticed as we started to get into the hybrids and irons is that these clubs have been thoughtfully designed to efficiently cover the distance gap between each of the clubs.

Is Callaway Solaire good?

The 5 & 6 hybrids in the Callaway Solaire set are my favorite. They seem to do the trick every time you hit them – they are super forgiving, light and comfortable to swing, great sound, and launch the ball really well. They check off all the boxes in my mind, and are 2 of my go-to clubs in the bag.

Is Solaire made by Callaway?

The Callaway Solaire is one of the top-selling women’s sets of golf clubs on the market. The best thing about the Solaire is that it’s not just for beginners or high handicap golfers. This golf club set will work for players of all handicap levels that enjoy quality design, forgiveness, and distance.

Are Callaway Solaire clubs graphite?

Callaway Solaire clubs are sold as complete sets, in either 9-club or 14-club configurations. Except for the putter, all the clubs have graphite shafts. The 9-club Callaway Solaire set includes the same driver, putter and bag, but only one wood (5), two hybrids (6 and 7), one iron (8) and two wedges (PW and SW).

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Is Callaway Solaire for men?

The new Callaway Solaire 11-piece Set is designed specifically for women, with a premium design, fit and performance to help them hit their best shots.

What are the best ladies golf clubs?

10 Best Golf Clubs For Women 2021

  • Callaway Women’s Strata Ultimate.
  • Callaway Women’s Strata Plus Complete Set.
  • Wilson Golf Women’s Ultra Package Set.
  • Aspire XD1 Ladies Complete Golf Club Set.
  • Cobra Golf 2019 Women’s XL.
  • Aspire X1 Ladies’ Complete Golf Club Set.
  • Precise Premium Ladies Complete Golf Club Set.

Are Strata golf clubs any good?

When looking for quality out of a new set of golf clubs, especially if you’re a beginner, there are not many that can beat the Callaway Strata Golf Club Set. It’s widely recognized as the top set for new players just starting the game and is one of the highest rated sets out there period.

What are Callaway gems?

The GEMS® Set is based directly on input received by women golfers, instructors and expert designers for women new to the game or the occasional high-handicapper. As a result Callaway Golf engineers have built a technologically advanced set of clubs women said they want and need.

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