FAQ: Tell Me Why Chapter 3 Loft Puzzle?

The third loft puzzle is all about joining up the events of Mary-Ann’s life in chronological order. Starting with the castle, you must then go salmonberry, clock, house, dinner party. This will then open the final safe, and give you the clue for the box.

How do you open the chest in chapter 3 of tell me why?

One day she took her tiara and ran way to the forest – For this one you’re walking through the series of events that brought Mary-Ann to Delos Crossing. To solve it just select the castle, the flowers, the clock, the cabin, and finally the central dinner table. This will open the last box necessary to open the box.

What is the code for the box in the loft tell me why?

After solving all three of the puzzles, you now have three letters, which spell out the combination for the locked box. That combination is LEO.

What is the puzzle in Tell me why?

To open the door, you’ll need to use the dials and line up the moose, bear, and pelican in that order from left to right. When done correctly, you’ll be able to open the door and see what’s on the other side. Again, Mary-Ann’s door puzzle can be solved by reading The Princess’s Party inside the Book of Goblins.

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How long is Chapter 3 of tell me why?

Third chapter The time needed for the story and uncovering all secrets is about 2.5 hours.

How do I open Mary Ann’s box?

You need to get to the garage, and then look at the photo your sister gave you. Only then will the game give you the opportunity to check every wall. The attic door access switch is right by the front door. Just move the boards to get to the switch.

How do you open the secret keeper in Tell me why?

The Secret Keeper You need a coin to unlock it. If you want to find out how to open the box, check out the dedicated page of our guide. When you open the box, you will receive a figurine. You can access it in your collection right away.

How many chapters has tell me why?

Tell Me Why tells its story in three chapters.

Will there be a tell me why Chapter 4?

At the time of writing, there won’t be a chapter 4 of Tell Me Why releasing on Thursday, September 17.

How do you access memories in Tell me why?

If you had to the left of the General Store, you’ll find a play area where you can watch a memory. There’s another memory to see in front of Tessa’s Cafe sign. When you’re done exploring, head inside. Walk around the store pick up some soda.

Which memory should I choose tell me why?

Important Choice: Alyson or Tyler’s Version of Mary-Ann and Eddy. In the memory, you’ll see the twins eavesdropping on officer Brown and their mom. After watching a few more memories, you’ll again have to choose between Alyson’s and Tyler’s versions of events. For the “better” choice, side with Tyler.

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