FAQ: Loft In A Barn Where Hay Is Stored?

A hayloft is a space above a barn, stable or cow-shed, traditionally used for storage of hay or other fodder for the animals below.

Why is hay stored in a loft?

Also, hay stored in a loft poses an increased fire hazard. Reduce fire risk by storing hay at proper moisture levels around 18% and by stacking bales so adequate air movement and ventilation can occur.

Are hay lofts safe?

Throwing hay down from a loft is going to produce a lot airborne dust just where you don’t want it — floating at eye and nose level, where it can become an irritant or worse to your horse’s mucous membranes. Safe storage practices must be taken from the time the hay is cut until the time it’s fed to your horses.

What is a hay door?

A large opening in an upper gable is usually called a hay door. It allows for loading hay into the loft from a hay wagon or lift.

Where do you store hay?

Square bales should be stored inside in a place that is not susceptible to roof leaks or storm runoff (that’s why it’s usually stored off the ground in a lofted area). Never stack bales all the way up to the ceiling, as they could make contact with a light, and will block circulation.

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Where is the best place to store hay?

If hay is to be stored outside, it is desirable to locate the storage site close to the feeding area because bales become more difficult to handle as they weather. It is easier to move them a greater distance when they are new and tightly wrapped. Well-drained upland storage sites are best.

What is the purpose of a hay loft in a barn?

A hayloft is a space above a barn, stable or cow-shed, traditionally used for storage of hay or other fodder for the animals below. Haylofts were used mainly before the widespread use of very large hay bales, which allow simpler handling of bulk hay.

How do I keep hay from molding in my barn?

Stack the bottom layer of bales on their sides, with the strings facing sideways instead of up. The uneven surface allows better air circulation and helps prevent mold from growing. Stack the second layer with the strings facing up, all pointing in the same direction.

How do you stack hay in hay loft?

Always stack hay with cut side down. That means the strings will always be on the side of the bale when you look at the stack. Not only does this deter mice from gnawing on the strings of the bale, it also allows moisture to run down through the stack to the bottom layer.

Is it safe to store hay in horse barn?

Be sure hay is dry before stacking it in a barn or shed. If the hay is newly baled, check for a musty or moldy smell, and break open a couple of bales to check for heat and mold. Any bales that seem a lot heavier than the others are likely to contain a level of moisture that may be unsafe. Store hay in a dry place.

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Can I store hay in a shed?

Whole hay bales are easy to stack in the corner of a garage, shed, or coop, but once you open it up a hay bale or straw bale, it will be everywhere unless you have a plan. We fortunately have an attached garage that has worked fabulously as a wood shed, rabbit barn, and hay bale storage area.

Is it OK to cover hay with a tarp?

Cover Hay for More Control Because of the risk of wet hay spontaneously combusting, however, many farmers choose not to risk storing hay in their barns. Tarps are the second-best solution, and there are several ways to make the hay more secure under tarps. Expect losses up 10 ten percent when hay is stored under tarps.

What is the Mow in a barn?

(Entry 1 of 4) 1: a piled-up stack (as of hay or fodder) also: a pile of hay or grain in a barn. 2: the part of a barn where hay or straw is stored.

What are the parts of a barn?

COMMON RAFTERS -Light, inclined timbers, which are supported by purlins and which support the roof cover. CUPOLA-Small, tower-like structure on roof providing additional light and ventilation. EAVE-Lower overhanging edge of a sloping roof. FOREBAY-Eave side over-hang of upper level of the barn.

What is a hay barn?

A hay barn is a specialized building for storing hay, usually sited well away from the central farmstead. Hay barns were usually smaller than the main barn, and rectangular in footprint.

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